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Catique the Cat Lovers Boutique

About Us

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Catique started as a network of cat lovers, most of them talented and creative crafts people. Most of us are owners of a part time home based business. Our network of shop owners are located throughout the United States.

OUR GOALS: To provide our customers with quality items, many of them unique to our web site.

HOW IT WORKS: Catique primarily provides links to shops that are either cat or health oriented, but in order to keep our business going, we have added links to popular shopping businesses like Barnes and Noble, the History Channel, Cafe Press, and many others. We screen our links periodically and remove links if the company does not honor their commitments, or if we receive complaints about the company.

We still provide service to small shop owners that want to join our network. If you have a craft business and would like to join our network, please email us.

BENEFITS TO YOU: This network provides you, the customer with the opportunity to buy unique products and pay with your credit cards.

ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS: Many of the items you see on our pages are unique. They are designed and created by hand with loving care. Other products are carefully selected and tested by our in house cat staffs before they are selected for sale by Catique. Some of our products have been selected because of their popularity to provide you with a one stop shopping experience. All of our network products are designed or selected with health and safety as our foremost concern.

OUR GUARANTEE: We guarantee that our network products are of the best quality. But we recognize that due to the fact that we are a network, we cannot provide a lifetime return policy. We ask you, as our customer, to immediately inspect all of the items that you receive and return them within 30 days of receipt. To ensure that you have the full 30 days, our shipping policy requires that all items be shipped using a tracking number or requiring a signed receipt. For product return to affiliate shops, return the items according to the stores policy.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Until we are earning enough from this site to hire a full time customer service staff, we ask that you please help us to keep our costs down by using our customer service email.

Please come back and watch us grow, or join us in our network enterprise.

Our Staff

Supreme Grand Master

When you shop at any store from our web site, a small percentage of the profits from the associate store is donated to the Snowshoe Cat Rescue Network. Note: The percentage is small because we keep our percentage is small to bring the the best products we can at the lowest price.

You can find them on Yahoo Groups (SNRescue)

Please excuse our SNRescue web site, it is currently out of date due to Katrina. We are currently working to move the site over to our web server.


Last Update - 04 February 2008