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The International Snowshoe Cat Association (TISCA)

Code of Ethics

Before you buy, ask the breeder if they have a code of ethics!
Note: Not all breeders will agree with all of the ethics in the example but it is recommended that you find a breeder who does have a code of ethics.

The International Snowshoe Cat Association (TISCA)

In order to protect, promote and foster the advancement and proper breeding and exhibiting of and ethical practices involved in the breeding, exhibiting and care of the Snowshoe cat, do hereby set forth this code of ethics. All members in good standing with TISCA subscribe to and uphold this code.

1. Purpose
* In the breeding of Snowshoe cats, emphasis will be placed on good health, intelligence, personality and stable temperament in addition to breeding for standard conformation and appearance.
* Consistent with this policy, I agree to breed with discrimination and only upon strong evidence of the probability of finding suitable homes for the kittens.
2. Records
* I agree to keep accurate records of all matings and pedigrees.
* I agree to register all of their breeding cats and their litters with at least one major cat association that is widely acknowledged and respected (i.e., TICA, ACFA, GCCF, FIFE)
3. Breeding
* I shall use for breeding only healthy cats, free from disease or hereditary deformity, that exhibit no radical departures from the Snowshoe Standard. If I discover subsequent hereditary defects, I shall advice previous buyers of breeding stock.
* I agree not to breed a female until at least one year old unless medical indications dictate otherwise. Veterinarian evaluation should preceded breeding of females less than one year of age.
* I agree not to breed a female unless she is in optimum health.
Breeder Recommendations:
* Stud service should only be offered to owners of pedigreed Snowshoe cat, preferably those who are TISCA members who have signed the TISCA code of ethics.
* When providing or requesting stud service, a breeder will utilize a written contract which specifies options to be undertaken if the female has difficulty conceiving or carrying to term.
* Any breeder should refrain from further breeding if having difficulty placing kittens.
* Breeders should keep themselves apprised of current local laws regarding licensing and/or keeping of intact animals and/or limitations on number and/or kinds of animals.
4. Health
* I agree to maintain the best possible standard of health and care for my cats, including adequate room for exercise, regular grooming, mental and social stimulation, clean quarters, ventilation and sufficient high quality food and clean water.
* I agree to maintain my cats indoors. Where caging is unavoidable, the minimum size for individual cages will be 4 feet by 6 feet by 4 feet, or a minimum of 96 cubic feet.
5. Sales
* I shall refuse to sell to, buy from, or recommend breeders who sell to cat wholesalers or retailers or who sell by auction...
* I shall refuse to donate a Snowshoe for raffle purposes.
* I shall refuse to buy or sell in litter lots.
* Before selling a kitten as a breeder, I shall ascertain that the buyer is fully aware of all ramifications of breeding, such as expenses, time involved in care, necessary facilities, proper veterinarian care, proper placement of kittens and responsibilities to buyers and other breeders.
* I shall encourage the breeder to join TISCA.
* I shall ascertain that all buyers know how to care for a cat or kitten properly, and make myself available to give advice as needed.
* I shall provide buyers with an honest appraisal of a kitten’s potential as a pet, breeder or show cat.
* I shall provide the buyer with a written contract guaranteeing the kittens health and stating the seller and the buyers responsibilities. Specific details of the guarantee and responsibilities are a matter for each breeder to specify in their contract.
TISCA strongly recommends all pet quality kittens be sold with a spay or neuter clause in the contract with either a monetary incentive upon proof of spay or neuter or a monetary penalty if proof of spay or neuter is not provided by a specific date.
* I shall provide a written receipt for all deposits received that states what will happen if the buyer changes his mind.
* I will provide a pedigree with all kittens, but registration forms will be withheld for pet quality kittens until the breeder receives a veterinarians certification of altering.
* I will inform buyers of pet quality kittens in writing, before accepting a deposit or payment, that registration forms will be withheld until proof of altering is received.
* Before a kitten is sold, it must receive immunizations appropriate to age.
* Kittens should be free of all external and internal parasites (worms, fleas, ear mites, fungus, etc). Said diseases should be covered in the health guarantee.
* Breeders should supply written instructions on care, feeding and all accommodations with each kitten sold.
* I will not place a kitten into a new home until it is fully weaned, eating on its own, appropriately vaccinated, and emotionally able to withstand separation from its parent and littermates. The earliest age that I will place a kitten into a new home is twelve weeks.
* If at any time in the future, a cat of my breeding or sale needs to be re-homed, I will do everything in my power to help find another appropriate home.
6. Advertising
* Advertising, oral or written will be factual, and not worded to encourage breeding as an easy money scheme.
* All materials used in advertising (photos, artwork and text) must be original, or used with written permission of the originator.
* I will clearly identify lower generation kittens that are not eligible for exhibition.
7. Conduct
* I shall, in public and in private, conduct myself always in a manner that reflects positively upon the Snowshoe cat breed and upon myself, especially when attending shows as an exhibitor or spectator.
* I shall abide by the various cat association rules and customs.
* I shall be a good loser and a gracious winner, remembering that having happy, healthy cats is much more important than winning ribbons.
8. Agreements/Contracts
* All transactions and agreements must be in writing. This includes stud service agreements, buyers requirements, breeders guarantee and requirements, leasing of cats, deposits for kittens, amendments to previous agreements, etc. TISCA also discourages the use of cash for payments, and recommends that receipts be issued for all payments.
9. Transportation
* I will comply with all government and airline regulations regarding the transportation of a Snowshoe cat.
* I understand that shipping can be a traumatic experience for any animal. I understand that TISCA recommends that a kitten or cat be picked up in person by its new owners.
* In the event that transportation cannot be avoided, TISCA recommends accompanied transportation. If accompanied transportation is not possible, the most expedient and direct method of transportation should be used (i.e., counter-to-counter, non-stop air flight). The breeder will make all arrangements and coordinate the specifics of the exact routing and arrival time and will verify that the kitten is picked up immediately on arrival. TISCA recommends that these arrangements be in writing and that the breeder require the buyer to provide a signed copy stating that the kitten will be picked up immediately on arrival.
10. Intent to Deceive
* Any act not specifically covered in this Code, but which has at its heart, the intent to deceive either a purchaser or evaluator (be it a veterinarian or a judge), shall be considered a violation. This includes, but is not limited to, supplying false pedigrees, dying lockets, tail docking, drugging, ear cropping or falsifying health certificates or travel documents.
11. Enforcement and Amendment
* Upon sufficient proof of violations of the Code of Ethics, action shall proceed according to the TISCA Bylaws. This Code of Ethics may be amended using the procedure set forth for amendment of the TISCA Bylaws.

I, the undersigned, have read and agree to uphold the Code of Ethics and the Bylaws of The International Snowshoe Cat Association. I realize that my rights and privileges as a member of TISCA may be revoked if I do not abide by my word.

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Last Update - 06 August 2014

The International Snowshoe Cat Association (TISCA)