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The International Snowshoe Cat Association (TISCA)

Snowshoe Cat Rescue Stories

Snowshoe rescue stories



Sophie's Story


 Sophie came to us as a young new mother. She had just had her two sons ten weeks before, both gray tiger-striped babies. I never saw the kittens, but they were adopted by a lady named Monika, in Atlanta who had previously rescued Sophie and her babies from an apartment building that Sophie was using as her home.  (Monika also had a farm in Alabama and took the brothers there to live.)   After taking the kittens to her farm, she was looking for a home for Sophie as she was unable to care for her at that time. She had a sick mother living in Germany she had to go and care for, and she did not want to put Sophie through a lengthy quarantine. Monica’s neighbor was my neighbor’s brother who offered to help her find a home for Sophie.  He asked his sister, my neighbor, who asked my husband if we would be interested in adopting a very beautifully marked “Siamese” cat with “china blue” eyes and four white feet. He did not consult me, and said “no” to the adoption. Several days later when she saw me she told me about the cat and what my husband had said. I immediately said “yes”, I wanted the cat. We had just lost our sweet old kitty who was paralyzed in her hind legs and another kitty was needed in the house!  Fortunately for me, Monika had not found a home for Sophie yet!  So the deal was made. We drove to Asheville, N.C. and Monica came up from Atlanta, Ga. It was love at first sight! I thought she was the most beautiful kitty I had ever seen—and so sweet. Before I saw her, I thought she might be a Birman from the description, but no long hair! It was at the veterinarian that I found out exactly what breed she was. She was recognized there as being a “Snowshoe” cat. 


I have had Sophie as my companion for seven years now, and each day is better than the day before.


Myra Renault 


Luna’s Story


Luna’s mother was a pure bred Siamese who had a clandestine affair with a black DSH, making Snowshoes the original way.  Half of the litter was all black and half were beautiful Snowshoes.  The kittens were given away and Luna came to me via a friend who knew the breeder.  Luna is a relentless and demanding love bug who has stayed by my side since the day we first met.  Even as a kitten, when she first arrived at her new home, she showed no fear.  She walked out of the carrier with head held high and explored her new kingdom.  She decided to adopt me as her pet and taught me how to play fetch, feed and care for her.  Being intelligent, inquisitive and athletic, no closet or cabinet has been unexplored and walks on high railings and leaps to high places were done without apprehension.  Luna supervises most household activities and often points out mistakes I make.  I am not allowed to leave the house and receive a long lecture if I do.  But she soon welcomes me back with puppy-like affection.  I only once showed her my bed and she has since slept with me every night, saying good night and good morning by standing on my chest and snuggling.  She gets upset if I do not give her constant attention and especially hates my using the computer.  Luna jumps on my lap and lies on my arm to prevent effective typing.  She just turned sweet sixteen and the bond between us continues to grow.  


She may be a bit of a Luna-tic but she is a very special kitty.


Sam Franklin


Snowshoe Cat Rescue Stories

Rescue Stories - created on 06 August 2014

The International Snowshoe Cat Association (TISCA)