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The International Snowshoe Cat Association (TISCA)


Snowshoe Cat Rescue Network


Our Yahoo group Snowshoe Cat Rescue (SNRescue) group consists of dedicated cat lovers who help provide links and information about Snowshoe cats that need a new forever home.

This page and the stories and links are dedicated to the success of the group including success stories and links to other success stories that the group participated in to find loving homes for Snowshoe cats.

Supreme Grand Master (SGM)

Pixie acted like she was starved and ate everything in sight, then raided the trash cans for more food. A few weeks later Pixie gained weight. She plumped up like she had swallowed a football. I took her to the ‘Vet’ and he pronounced her ‘pregnant’. So even though I was new to cats and knew nothing about helping a cat deliver kittens, I took Pixie home and continued to feed her and get her healthy enough to have her kittens. During the next few weeks I read up on kittens and deliveries and what I needed to know about kitten deliveries.


On the night the kittens came, I went to bed as usual but Pixie woke me up dancing on the side of my bed. She was upset and decided she needed help from me because she had already delivered several kittens but none of them survived. I will not describe or explain why except to say that my ‘Vet’ thought that it was because she had been starved. Of the kittens that did survive, one was a black and white and one a totally black.


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I first met Pixie at a cat show in Biloxi Mississippi.  This was my first cat show and I went to learn about cats, and cat breeds and shows.  At the cat show the local rescue organization had setup a few cages with cats available for adoption. Pixie caught my eye immediately because I had already fallen in love with a Snowshoe kitten. The helpful adoption people told me that she had been rescued from the streets and they did not know how old she was but because she was so small and skinny they thought she was just a kitten. I adopted Pixie (not named at the time of adoption) and took her home with me. I took Pixie to my veterinarian to get her examined but both the ‘Vet’ and I agreed that she was too little and skinny to be spayed at that time so I took her home to feed her and get her in shape.


I kept Pixie and her two kittens and since this is getting to be a long story I will skip lots of things about my Pixie except to say that she showed in 3 cat shows as  House Hold Pet and earned her Supreme Grand Master (SGM) title. I have lots more stories about my Pixie. She was the ‘boss’ of my house and my other cats for the rest of her life. She lived to be over 18 years (exact age unknown) and I miss her as much now as I did when she first went over the Rainbow Bridge.

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Last Update - 06 August 2014

The International Snowshoe Cat Association (TISCA)